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I found this site by accident while looking for a Praying Mantis school in my local area I recently relocated to. Unfortunately there are none. My martial arts training comes from being ex military, and civilian law enforcement. Also I am a student of Wing Chun. Because of past training in Wing Chun solo practice is not difficult for me, so I figured I would give the online university a shot. I have found this decision to be one of the best decisions I have made regarding my martial arts education. What I have learned so far has been absolutely amazing. The immediate difference from Sifu Daily and other instructors I have had is that he describes the practical applications for every technique and how to use them in a real scenario from the start. For example: Sifu Daily explained in detail how the stances are actual tactical maneuvers, and not mere fixed fighting positions. He then shows how to use them for actual attack and defense. I have never experienced stances taught this way. This was the class that sold me on committing to the entire course. The realism of this course is cannot be understated! If you are looking for realistic Kung Fu training to defend yourself this is the course to take!

- Jeremy

The Level 1 online curriculum that you gave me is also outstanding. To support your awesome work, and to build a nice Mantis instructional library, I just purchased Levels 2 and 3. Thank you for the excellent instruction. I grew up taking Kung Fu, some Mantis. I got frustrated because the teachers would rarely show me what a move was used for. Finally, I moved to Kenpo for 20 years. But, I've always had a love for Kung Fu, so, at 48, here I am, determined to learn Northern Mantis.

- Matt Bradford

Hello... Just starting back into the Northern Praying Mantis Level 1 course. This is a really great program. Wish I would have got involved much sooner. Better late than never right... Thank you

- Robert

I'm very happy to have bought this course. It is very well structured, the explanations are very clear. Thanks for helping me to bring back Kung Fu in my life!

- Frederic

I have been practicing the martial arts since 1974 and Chinese Arts since 1981. I am a 4th Duan Black Belt in Mantis Kung Fu under Sifu Mike Shaw from Canada. I enrolled in the online University and found it to be a tremendous learning resource.

Even with years of experience, I found the videos to be very helpful when teaching my students the techniques. Sifu Daily is an incredible teacher; I hope to train with him in person someday!

I also have a Ph.D. in Education and am a full-time certified law enforcement instructor, so I understand teaching and learning concepts; given that knowledge, I am in a position to evaluate information delivery, and the DVDs and Online University are some of the best I have seen in the field of martial arts.

I highly recommend anyone who wishes to learn both practical and traditional Mantis Kung Fu concepts to purchase these DVDs and enroll in the online University; you will NOT regret it!

- Dr. John L., 4th Duan

First off let me say great site, the lessons are layed out well and mr. daily and mr. hardy are both excellent instructors. ive purchased almost all of level one and it was worth every penny and now am planning on purchasing the dvds. Any idea when the level two material will be avaliable?

- Dimitri

Thanks for the lessons. They are well thought out and informative. I wasn't able to keep training with my sifu and thought I'd never be able to learn again. You have given me an opportunity to keep up with my training I started long ago. I was surprised how well the lessons were taught, so thank you very, very, very much. I don't think I will ever get to the skill level that I have always wanted but now someday my son will because of you.

- Jason

Very cool stuff, thanks for putting it out there. Hope to see more.

- Sifu Mike Biggie

Great stuff. I am a new student...and this was very informative.

- step69

Your skills, and willingness to teach and share your knowledge speak for themselves. I am really excited to see the rest of your lessons...

- ceruleanryuujin

I have studied mantis (derived from Wah Lum, with a smattering of 7 star) for 9 years and Jujitsu for 13 years. Your methods are a great addition to what I already have and am interested in learning more...

- Paul

You guys are great at demonstrating and represent your art very well. You have made a believer of me...

- Nate B.

You guys are really great. I have been a student of various Chinese MAs for over 10 years and I find your videos amazing insightful...Truly a treat to watch these vids.

- SecretSword

I took praying mantis for some time, but quit after I felt that some of my teaching had been watered down. I really like how you focus so much on application...You make sense of the forms, which I really like.

- waterbean05

I am really grateful for this site and the videos you have, I find them greatly instructive. I enjoyed learning what you show in these videos knowing that there is someone dedicated to passing knowledge to those who aren't that lucky...It is great work indeed.

- Jose M.

Hey I really like your 7 star mantis videos. I practice northern mantis and it really helps me understand the broad array of mantis techniques there are.

- Pete

Excellent job on skills in both educating, video, marketing, and course the fu. Keep up the good work.

- IamNorthwind

First off, I love your videos, as you make the instructions clear and demonstrate each step clearly. I've learned a lot from your videos.

- Mara (Maraphy)

I'm very happy to have found your vids on mantis...I will definitely be buying anything you put out because you guys are great.

- Alex (tremere660)

Hi I just recently found your site...Your videos really give me something to begin with...you guys have done an outstanding job in my opinion. Keep it up!

- Brandon M.

Very well explained...lots of details and concepts..thanks.

- cuevasdecamuy

5 stars! That is quite a detailed explanation of the trapping and seizing aspects of mantis. I know a lot more now about it thanks to this video. All the best to you!

- murasameneku

You guys did an AMAZING job breaking down the basics, there are plenty of videos on martial arts basics, but very few break it up and take it step by step so that you can get how it is done so easily.. good work...

- shadow0clone

Nice video you guys, I'm glad to see a mantis school that teaches practical fighting. I'm no master myself but even teaching someone a good jab is a step above what I see in 90% of all other videos...

- angelslayer13

Many thanks for your excellent material regarding the 7 Star style. It's both informative and authentic and captures the friendliness and spirit of real kung fu. Well done!

- Sifu John Leporati

I just wanted you to know that your videos have been very helpful and I hope you guys continue to make more videos..they are really good. Thank you.. I've learned so much from your videos that it makes me want to go to my kung-fu class even more and I can't wait to show my teacher the chain moves I learned.

- vPoWv

I've personally purchased his videos and can say that they are professionally done and very easy to follow. Let us hope that Sean continues to produce more in this series…

- Sifu Mike Shaw

I train wing chun, jkd, and traditional kun Fu and your videos are really helpful!

- zeppelinman14

Trop fort cette vidéo , bonne technique!!! ("Excellent video, good technique!!!)

- Bruno D., France

I am a Shifu of Northern Praying Mantis in Bend, Oregon. I own a couple of your videos, and love the quality and thoroughness of the presentation. I use your Chain Styles as part of my curriculum, and my students love it.

- Sifu Tyler Speed, Bend, OR

Let me compliment you on your great vids...Beautiful execution and it looks great and makes sense how its explained.

- Karl L., San Diego, CA

Just wanted to say I think you guys are doing a very good job!!!! I've been watching some of the videos and can tell you guys are doing good stuff......I've been training Kung Fu for about 12 years and an very impressed with the quality of your work. I have moved and not able to train like I use to......just no Kung Fu around.

- Jeff H.

Reasons to Learn with MSU

1.  Complete Curriculum
For the first time in history, the principles, theories, and forms of many of today’s most popular Chinese martial arts systems have been assembled in a single location and made available to students all over the world.
2.  Your Pace, On Your Schedule
When you learn in a group setting at a martial arts school, you are forced to learn as fast or as slow as the group, and you can only train during the designated class times. When you learn online via MartialSkill University, you have total control over the pace of your training and your training schedule.
3.  Authentic Information
Unfortunately, good, skilled kung fu instructors are rare and difficult to find, and there are many self-proclaimed kung fu masters who either teach “watered down” versions of techniques or hybrid/blended systems that don’t convey the essential elements of their system. At MartialSkill University you will have direct access to some of the world’s foremost experts in multiple Chinese martial arts styles, allowing you to learn your art in its purest form from a credible teacher.
4.  A-to-Z Learning
The order in which you learn the techniques of a system greatly affects the time it takes for you to master the art. As a MartialSkill University student, you will learn every technique in the exact order that you would experience in private lessons with the instructor, allowing you to learn the art in the least amount of time possible.
5.  Safe, Ego-Free Educational Environment
Training injuries are more likely to occur when you are training with someone who is more concerned with beating you than with learning, safety, and exercising proper control. By learning and training online with a trusted group of friends and family members, you get to avoid the tough-guy, egocentric environment that is prevalent at so many martial arts schools and which results in many training injuries.
6.  Bidirectional Learning Environment
MartialSkill University’s martial arts online learning system is unique in that it allows student to get feedback on their progress and skills by submitting videos to MSU instructors for evaluation and feedback. This allows you to ensure that you’re practicing properly, and also paves the way for online certification and rank/belt testing for courses and instructors offering this option.
7.  Learn to Teach
MartialSkill University instructors have been hand-picked from the world’s best martial arts instructors because they are not only highly-skilled martial artists, but because they have a strong ability to effectively communicate skills to students and employ teaching methodologies that are proven to work. If you are currently an instructor, or a student who aspires to one day start teaching, you can use these lessons to fine tune your teaching skills and improve your ability to effectively share your knowledge with others.
8.  Save Money
Not only is the quality of instruction at MartialSkill University the best in the world, but the cost of learning online ends up being only a fraction of what you would pay at a “bricks and mortar” martial arts school. In other words, you get the best training for the lowest price!
9.  Health and Hygiene
Due to the regular close physical contact involved in the practice of martial arts and the fact that many schools don’t implement the proper sanitation practices on their equipment, martial arts schools are notorious for being breeding grounds for many contagious skin infections that end up being passed from student to student. By learning and training online at home with a trusted group of individuals, you can better control the sanitation of your training area and equipment.
10.  Complements Existing Study
Studying online at MartialSkill University doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to training with us. Many MSU students utilize the information and training material on MSU to augment or expand on their current studies with a local teacher, or use our lessons as refreshers for studies they did in the past with a teacher whom they have moved away from or are otherwise no longer able to access. [Note: If you are currently studying with a teacher, we recommend that you first ask your teacher for their OK before enrolling in any of our courses -- especially if you are in the early years of your study. Getting information from multiple teachers can be confusing for the student, frustrating for the teachers, and cause the development of incompatible training habits and practices.

The Missions

The missions of MartialSkill University are 1) the preservation and advancement and of Northern / Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu, and to make the art available to students who either do not have a teacher in their area, or wish to further or supplement their existing studies; and 2) Making the best of traditional and mixed martial arts available to students around the world using Internet distance learning and video-on-demand technologies, podcasts, and DVDs.

About MSU

MartialSkill University was founded and created by Sean Daily, president of MartialSkill, a team of martial arts practitioners and Internet video innovators focused on developing distance learning and educational materials for traditional and mixed martial arts, including DVDs and video-on-demand products. Using state-of-the-art online distance learning technologies, MartialSkill and MartialSkill University are breaking new ground in the field of martial arts distance learning.

Program Overview

MartialSkill University is an online martial arts learning community that combines the best of two worlds: modern video and distance learning technologies, and traditional learning modalities of Chinese martial arts. Students are brought A-Z from the beginnings of learning kung fu through each of the techniques, training, and disciplines required to achieve long-term mastery of the art. Each concept and technique within the art is broken down and explained thoroughly so that it may be understood when combined with the proper attention, repetition, and practice.

Though no video learning program can ever be a complete replacement for a direct in-person teacher/student relationship, MartialSkill University for the first time makes available martial arts information that has heretofore never been made available to the general population.